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After more than two years of preparation work, the TEMS consortium officially started its work in the flagship European initiative to build a resilient data-driven ecosystem in the media sector. TEMS - which stands for Trusted European Media Data Space - is a joint undertaking of 43 organisations representing hundreds of stakeholders from 14 countries in the cultural and creative sectors, which aims to conceive and implement a common media data space across Europe. 

The initiative is supported by the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) and is a core element in the implementation of the European Data Strategy. With an investment of EUR 16.5 million, the consortium represents a milestone in the way the media sector will be able to share and extract value from data. By doing so, TEMS aims to support the economic development and future growth of local and regional media ecosystems across Europe.

Concretely, TEMS will lead the way for the large-scale deployment of cutting-edge services, infrastructures, and platforms. It will also address fighting misinformation, audience analysis, improving data flows in production chains, and supporting the adoption of AI and Virtual Reality technologies.

Sound & Vision is already a partner in the common European data space for cultural heritage (operated by the Europeana Foundation) and our involvement in TEMS will ensure a close collaboration between the two initiatives.

The start of TEMS brings the vision of a digital single market a massive step closer to its realisation. It will empower players in the EU media ecosystem, including audiovisual archives, to share and extract value from their content. This support extends across a broad spectrum, from bolstering the creative industries by enabling reuse, to fostering the creation of new applications reliant on streamlined content delivery and initiating novel cross-sector collaborations. Consider for instance, filmmakers connected to TEMS reusing digitised historical photographs available in the data space for cultural heritage for their projects. Johan Oomen, Research Director at The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

TEMS will evolve existing media platforms, fortify data space infrastructures, and provide open access to a common data space for any interested media stakeholder, from any media sub-sector. This will help digital transformation and improve the competitiveness of the European media industry.

In the project, Sound & Vision will lead the development of a community around the data space. We will be engaging cultural and creative organisations in the Netherlands as well as internationally to develop new tools, products and services using the data and infrastructures delivered by TEMS.

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