A new Innovation Policy Platform for the Cultural and Creative Industries

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Sound & Vision is a key partner of the ekip consortium that has been awarded a grant of €6 million from the European Commission to develop innovation policies for the cultural and creative industries.

To solve problems related to climate change, digital advancements, and societal well-being, we need new ideas and solutions. These problems are complex, so it's important to have processes in place that allow different types of experts to work together, experiment, test, and explore new solutions. Additionally, new policies are needed to help people in the creative and cultural industries feel comfortable participating in these processes. 

“The challenge is that good support mechanisms for the cultural and creative industries are currently lacking. The ekip project, European Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Policy Platform, aims to change this” says coordinator Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth, Lund University.

An engine for innovation policies

The 17 partners of the ekip consortium will establish a network-driven policy recommendation engine that will continuously drive the formulation and adoption of policy development recommendations for Europe’s CCIs.  A network of over 40 cultural and creative networks and organisations across Europe will be engaged to ignite the policy engine by defining priority areas. These insights will be further developed through Policy Labs. In the Labs, large and small companies, researchers and citizens will collaboratively produce and iterate policy recommendations that will then be tested in partner cities - Kosice, Rotterdam, Saint-Étienne, and Bratislava. An online observatory will ensure that knowledge effectively reaches policy makers, CCI actors and other economic sectors.

Firmly positioning culture in innovation ecosystem

Through its policy recommendations, ekip will contribute to a more green, inclusive, and digital Europe where innovation is driven by culture and creativity.

Through ekip, we will connect and engage with dozens of existing networks in the Cultural and Creative industries, representing the full breadth of the sector. The insights will make it possible to study what research and innovation policies need to be in place to support actors in the entire ecosystem. Both and also in individual Member States. Johan Oomen, Research Director at Sound & Vision

According to Rasa Bocyte, Sound & Vision’s Senior advisor for research collaborations, “ekip is an opportunity to firmly position the role that cultural heritage organisations can play in nurturing innovation processes. We can equip future innovators with skills and resources and provide them with opportunities to experiment and gain exposure.”

ekip consortium

In the project, Sound & Vision will act as an advocate for strengthening the role of cultural heritage in European and national policies. Sound & Vision will work alongside other Dutch consortium partners - TU Delft and Gemeente Rotterdam - and coordinate our activities with CLICKNL to mobilise the local cultural and creative industries. Next to this, Sound & Vision will also take a leading role in developing a strategy to equip cultural and creative professionals with skills and knowledge toward digital and green innovation. 

The project is set to start on 1 June 2023. The consortium brings together a wide range of interdisciplinary partners spread across Europe:

Universities: Lund University (Sweden), The University of Edinburgh (UK), Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), The Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), Humak University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

Policy experts: Creativity Lab (Estonia), Technopolis Consulting Group (Belgium), IDEA Consult (Belgium).

Representatives of CCIs: Creative Business Network (Denmark), The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision (Netherlands).

Municipalities and city representatives: City of Rotterdam (Netherlands), Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava (Slovakia), Creative Industry Kosice (Slovakia), Cité du design-Higher School of Art and Design of Saint-Étienne (France).

Creative companies: MSCOMM (Greece); Icoolhunt (Italy), New Moment (Slovenia). 

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