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Sound & Vision in The Hague, museum for news and journalism, will leave the location at the Zeestraat on September 1, 2024. The successful programming and educational workshops on themes such as media literacy and journalism will continue with partners at locations elsewhere in the city. This puts an end to the long history of the building on Zeestraat as a museum.

In 2019, Sound & Vision took over the desperately ailing Museum for Communication (COMM), previously known as the PTT Museum. The museum reopened in 2020 with a presentation on media, news and journalism. Visitor numbers were disappointing due to the corona crisis. In addition, the complex permit system and increased costs such as rent and energy made responsible operation on the Zeestraat impossible.


The purpose of the museum, to promote news literacy, is of great importance in the current media landscape and deserves attention, especially in The Hague as the heart of our democracy. The activities and collaborations built up in The Hague in this area will be continued in a different way in the city by working together with partners.

It hurts us, and me as Hagenees in particular, that we have to leave the beautiful building on Zeestraat and that this puts an end to 95 years of museum history in this place. But it has brought us and the city a lot in terms of collaborations and solidarity with partners and the public. I therefore look forward to continuing this in a new form. Where we can be meaningful in The Hague by strengthening democracy by paying attention to the media, news literacy, press and journalism. Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer, director of Image & Sound 

Various activities will take place in the building until July 1, 2024, including the My First Smartphone exhibition and programming around the themes of news and journalism.


Since 1929, the museum has built up treasure troves full of beautiful collection items. This collection has been the property of Sound & Vision since 2019 and, thanks to the merger, the institute will take care of these historical pieces in perpetuity. With the closure of the location on Zeestraat, the entire collection will move to Hilversum.

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