Sound and Vision first national audiovisual archive in the world to receive the Data Seal of Approval

Sound and Vision is one of the 60 worldwide archives and collections that since this week is allowed to call itself a Trustworthy Digital Repository (TDR). It is the first time that the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) has been awarded to an institute that houses and provides access to a large, living collection of public broadcasting material. No other broadcasting archive in the Netherlands or abroad holds such an internationally recognised mark of approval, signifying full compliance with universally recognised standards and practices.

The DSA certificate shows that Sound and Vision works in a reliable and sustainable manner and manages the complex digital archiving process in a demonstrable way. The organisation's preparations to obtain the certificate have spanned several years and required effort from various departments. This has involved both laying down policy and procedures for the digital sustainability of the audiovisual collections and actually setting up and modifying the systems, processes and working methods.

The list of DSA-certified archives can be found at:

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